First Snow OOTD ✩

Monday yet again ٩(ツ)۶ I got kinda busy the last couple of days but I feel strangely calm? Haha.

It had snowed when I woke up today so the ground was covered in a thin layer of fluffy, white snow. I'm kinda excited!

I decided on layers today (since I hate being cold) and it ended up looking a little 'Dark Mori'! :0

~Outfit Rundown~
Shirt: H&M
Pants: Dressman 
Vest: Borrowed
Scarf: ASOS 
Necklace: Handmade 

I really liked this outfit, it was super cozy, warm and I felt stylish ☆ I can't wait to show off more outfits, cold times are the best times to dress in the Mori style, after all~

The scarf I bought very recently from ASOS, I'll show the other things in another post ;) 

Have a nice evening now, lovelies~

Museum OOTD ✩

Heyoo - how are you doing?
It’s been a busy day. I’ve been to a museum, visited a florist school, been to a thriftstore etc...
I went for something a bit different today, something kinda classy considering we were visiting a museum.

~Outfit rundown~

Pants and shirt: H&M
Blazer: Secondhand 

This was a very basic outfit and I didn’t use any accessories (gasp) but I’m kinda sad I didn’t fix my hair, it would’ve looked nice with a backsweep ;c 

I’m sorry for the very short post, it’s a bit overdue as well, I was supposed to publish it on Friday but I got super busy, hahah. 

November Angel OOTD ✩

I finally put up my mirror on the wall meaning I can take outfit pictures if the weather allows. 

Here's one from today:
I'm sorry for the terrible quality. Mobile camera + overcast day is not ideal for taking pictures ;c

~Outfit rundown~

Shirt: Borrowed
Cardigan: Secondhand
Scarf: Secondhand
Pants: H&M
Necklace: Handmade

I love making my own accessories. This crown pendant is made from crafting foam, lace tape, chain, a pair of old earrings and a pearl. The crown is made out of crafting foam I spraypainted gold, the wings come from a pair of earrings I found in a secondhand shop.
Outfit moodboard made with Polyvore.

Hope you have a great week now, lovelies~

i.Fairy Nobluk Aqua & Grey Lens Review ✩

Hello there, lovelies ~
How’s your day going? I’m just lazing around _(:3 」∠)_

Today I’m gonna show of two pair of lenses from the brand i.Fairy from the Nobluk collection, which I got from Lensvillage. As per usual, no problems with the delivery, I received them around 3-4 weeks after placing my order.

Nobluk Aqua Blue

Comfort: ✩✩✩✩✩
These were super soft and comfortable, I couldn’t feel them at all!
Color: ✩✩✩
These are two toned lenses, the rim is lightblue and gradually changes to yellow towards the middle. Also note that these lenses aren’t super vibrant and colorful, so they might not show up on everyone’s eyes. The blue doesn’t show up on my eyes very well, but they blend really well with my natural eyecolor.
Enlargement: ✩✩✩✩
These are 16 mm in diameter, so they’re quite large. The outer rim is subtle and not solid, giving the lenses a softer look.

Nobluk Grey 

Comfort: ✩✩✩✩✩
These felt exactly like the blue pair, so there's not much to add. I did wear them to school one day and noticed they did make my eyes a little dry after a couple of hours, so I'd recommend bringing eye drops
Color: ✩✩✩
These are two toned lenses, the rim is light grey and gradually changes to yellow towards the middle. Also note that these lenses aren’t super vibrant and colorful, so they might not show up on everyone’s eyes. These lenses mixes extremely well with my eyes, making them look a bit sharper with a grey hue. I love these for everyday lenses!
Enlargement: ✩✩✩
The outer rim is subtle and not solid, giving the lenses a softer look. These are 16 mm in diameter, like the other pair - but since it mixes with my own eyecolor so well they don´t make my eyes look oversized unlike the blue ones did.

I'm very pleased with these lenses - especially the grey ones! They're probably the most natural looking lenses I've owned, despite their size ( ´・o・)

Have a nice, calm evening, lovelies 

Lolitawardrobe mini-haul ✩

Hello! I feel a bit better now, so I hope I can get back to blogging.

Anyways, for my first post in a long time I’m gonna talk about some new accessories I got today~
A while ago I bought a couple of things from LolitaWardrobe - mainly accessories, I also saw a really nice vest I wanted, but maybe some other time... (;n; )


A cute velvet bowknot with a small golden crown. From the "Sweet Golden Crown" collection , it's also available in the colors white, black, dark blue, red and pink.

Price: $6.99 
Quality: The main part is made of velvet fabric and decorated with lace as well as an organza ribbon. The small crown is made of tin or metal, making it a little weighed. There's a medium sized hairclip on the back. The bow is a little heavy considering its relatively small size (~5cm/~2'). Buy it here.

Lace Choker

A white lace choker with a sting of pearls adorned with gold stars. From the "-The Whisper of Stars-" collection of the Sakuya Lolita brand, it comes in the colors black and white.

Price: $10.99
Quality: The choker is made of a mix of satin and lace fabric. The pearls are all put on a chain that links them together and is interspersed with golden metal stars of varying sizes. The chain on the back of the choker can be adjusted. Buy it here.


Two hair ribbons with cute chocolate deco attached to it. From the "My Sweet Chocolate" collection of the Infanta brand, it comes in two different designs as well as the colors cream and dark brown.

Price: $8.99 each 
Quality: The ribbons is made of fabric with a slimmer bond in the middle. The edge is decorated with golden trimming. Two tin spoons are fastened on at the bottom, as well as three pieces of chocolate deco on them. There are large hairclips on the backside. Buy it here.


A ribbon-style pin with a badge and chain attached. It's from the "Magician Cat" collection of the StarsMao brand.

Price: $11
Quality: The pin is composed of ribbon, a badge and a gold chain with a star. The badge is made of an acrylic material and is outlined with a gold trim. The ribbon and trimming around the badge is made of satin, in the middle there is an organza ribbon. The gold chain is attachable at the end with a small eyepin. The star is made of tin or metal, but isn't heavy. There is a hairclip on the back of the ribbon. Buy it here.


A fancy sailor beret with a bow on the back. It's from the "Cat Pirate" collection of the Punk Street brand and comes in the colors coffee, wine and dark blue. 

Price: $19.29
Quality: Made of a nice quality fabric and clips sewn into the rim of the hat, making it possible to attach it to your hair or wig. Buy it here.


Overall I'm very happy with my purchase! The shipping was extremely fast, I got the package 1 day after I got the "your order is shipped"-mail and the items are all as described. The only negative thing is the cost it amounted to. The entire purchase went for about $57 + the shipping cost of $28, so it amounted to $85. There was also some import costs, so the final cost was around $90. 
Still, it's a bit cheaper than most lolita brands, as they tend to go over $130, if you're lucky. 

If you're into the classic or sweet lolita style you should definitely check out this shop! It's relatively cheap and you get good quality articles for the money you pay. The service is good and I had no problems with the whole purchase, so I'll definitely buy from them again sometime ^^ 

Have a nice day now, lovelies 

Geo 'Berry Holic' Violet Lens review ✩

Hello there! (´・ω・)

I've recently bought a bundle from that includes 2 pairs of Geo lenses for $37!
(you can see the bundle offers here.)

These are from the brand Geo Medical and are part of the 'Berry Holic" series.

Comfort: ★★★☆☆
They didn't dry out my eyes, which is great. But they felt a little thick, which bothered me. They also only come in -0.00 prescription (plano), so I can't use these daily due to my poor eyesight.
Color: ★★☆☆☆
Sadly the purple color doesn't show up that well in my eyes, which is a bummer since I chose them because of the color. The search for violet lenses that fit me continues...

Design: ★★★★☆
The design is very pretty, yet simple. It has a dark rim, and an inner yellow circle. The inner rim does go a bit over the pupil, so it might obscure your vision a bit.

Enlargement: ★★★★☆
They don't look that big at first, but they do appear bigger when you wear them! Surprisingly, they're only 14.2 mm though?

These are totally fine, but I'm a little disappointed since I needed them for cosplay and they didn't give the effect I wanted...

Anyways, like I said earlier, this pair was part of a bundle, so there'll be another review soon!
Take care ♪

I.Fairy Super Crystal Review ✩

Hello there, here comes the second review of the week! I.Fairy Super Crystal ☆

These lenses are of the same brand as I stated in my last review, even though I was planning on getting purple ones I ended up with blue ones because I'm a sucker for blue lenses _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):



Comfort: ★★★★★
These lenses are very comfortable to wear despite them being so large. My eyes tend to get dry while wearing larger lenses, but there were no problems with these. 
Color: ★★★★☆
The color of these lenses are so cool. I love blue lenses and sadly they don't blend well with my eyes ;; I think these would look amazing on someone with light eyes.
Enlargement: ★★★★★
These lenses are 16 mm in diameter, so they are definitely large. Due to how comfy they are I recommend these if you're going to wear lenses for a long time for a convention or the like. 

These lenses surprised me due to the enlargement and bold color, but I'm very happy with them! For more photos of these, go to my Instagram c: