Geo 'Berry Holic' Violet Lens review ✩

Hello there! (´・ω・)

I've recently bought a bundle from that includes 2 pairs of Geo lenses for $37!
(you can see the bundle offers here.)

These are from the brand Geo Medical and are part of the 'Berry Holic" series.

Comfort: ★★★☆☆
They didn't dry out my eyes, which is great. But they felt a little thick, which bothered me. They also only come in -0.00 prescription (plano), so I can't use these daily due to my poor eyesight.
Color: ★★☆☆☆
Sadly the purple color doesn't show up that well in my eyes, which is a bummer since I chose them because of the color. The search for violet lenses that fit me continues...

Design: ★★★★☆
The design is very pretty, yet simple. It has a dark rim, and an inner yellow circle. The inner rim does go a bit over the pupil, so it might obscure your vision a bit.

Enlargement: ★★★★☆
They don't look that big at first, but they do appear bigger when you wear them! Surprisingly, they're only 14.2 mm though?

These are totally fine, but I'm a little disappointed since I needed them for cosplay and they didn't give the effect I wanted...

Anyways, like I said earlier, this pair was part of a bundle, so there'll be another review soon!
Take care ♪

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

I'm not writing this to gain sympathy, nor to appear as a special snowflake. I'm writing this because it's something I want to talk about, since it affects my daily life.

I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder, or GAD for short. It's basically a psycological disorder that makes you feel incredibly strong feelings of anxiety and panic at times despite no obvious cause. Unlike social anxiety or PTSD, there often is no trigger for this.

For me, it usually occurs when I'm just going to perform mundane tasks, such as going to school or putting on clothes. It starts with small feelings of insecurity and irritation, and I usually end up trying to hide these feelings, since they sometimes do go away. But often, they increase.
If I try to do anything in this state, there is a huge possiblity my mind will go into the gutter if something goes wrong. These things are often insignificant, something I'd shrug off in other cases, but when I'm in this mode even something so dumb as putting my sock on the wrong foot can drive me into feeling severly anxious. If this continues, I will have a panic attack. This experience is different for everyone but for me it's often like this:

I thrash around, often throwing things like shoes or jackets of me, hitting walls and stomping before sitting down on the floor hyperventilating. I scream and cry, and I often feel sick. The only thing that helps at these times is going to sleep.
I have no energy left after these breakdowns, so I often fall asleep right after anyways. Sleeping helps since I don't have to think, and when I don't have to think about anything my anxiety won't increase.

These instances were very common during my younger teens, often occuring more than once a week. Over time I have learned to recognize the signs and I can often advert them, and I rarely go in to full blown panic attacks nowadays. But I still have these feelings of anxiety, and I will probably never get rid of them entierly. I can only learn to cope with these feelings.

I know it's irrational, and I feel so stupid because of it, despite knowing I can't help it. "Why am I like this? I feel so weak and, I am pathetic." are the thoughts that usually go through my head while feeling the anxiety lurking around the corner. These thoughts don't help at all, but like I said, I can't help it.

Like I said before, this is not to gain sympathy or anything. I just wanted to talk about this since I feel like it's important.

What I advise others to do is just trying to understand and be supportive when needed. If you know someone who says they have an anxiety disorder, don't dismiss them because they don't seem like a nervous wreck all the time, just like you shouln't assume someone with depression is supposed to be constantly apathetic or sad.
If someone appears anxious, talk calmly to them and try to get them to think about something else rather than those bad thoughts. Often times just being there for them helps.

Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to get this off my mind since I currently have these feeling and I need a little break from social media.

Well, take care ♡

10 Cosplay Hacks!

1. Secondhand clothes

This is a very good way to save both time and money. Look for clothes you can modify to fit your costume, or in other cases use the fabric. This is very good for beginners! You can sometimes find really fancy fabric really cheap, if you're lucky!

2. Baking powder

Is that wig you ordered from eBay all shiny and plastic? No problem! Use baking powder to get rid of the shine, just take some powder and rub it into the wig with your hands. With this method you should avoid getting the wig wet since water makes baking soda all foamy. If you don't have any baking powder at hand you can also use corn or potato starch.

3. Nail polish

This is something very useful to know about. Nail polish comes in all colors imaginable, they dry quickly and gives a very nice finish. It's really handy when you need to paint small parts or props, and you can use it to make really beautiful gems if you paint on the backside of glass cameos~ 

4. Blowdryer

Most blowdryers have heat settings that can be used as a discount heat gun. This method can be used to melt hotglue and to an extent used to shape worbla and cellophane.

5. Promarkers

If you have a wig that you only need to dye a part of, you can use promarkers!This is one of the easiest ways to create ombre effects, roots and stripes. This only works on light wigs however and results may vary. Always try to color a part you're going to cut off anyway before you color the part you've intended to dye. 

6. Extensions

You accidentally cut that wig a bit too short? No problem! You can use regular extensions and sew them into the wig, it's not hard, but a bit time consuming. This trick is also what I use when making undercuts.

7. Straws

You need to curl a wig but you don't have those curler things? Cut a straw into sections, wrap a strand of hair around it and attatch a hairpin, then just spray it with water and dry it off with a blowdryer. This results in natural looking curls!

8. eBay

Everyone already knows this, but hear me out. eBay is like the best online store there is, you can get wigs, fabric, pearls, accessories, materials, laces and full costumes - all very cheaply. Yes, quality may vary, but if you do your research you end up with a good product about 7/10 times! :D

9. False lashes

This is also very well known, but lashes do a lot for cosplay makeup. They are a bit tricky for beginners and are a bit expensive if you want good quality ones (eBay has very cheap ones) but they work magic when combined with lenses.

10. Stiletto nails

You know those fake fangs you can buy at costume stores? Yeah, they usually aren't very good.. But you can actually use false nails. Just file them until pointed and wipe your teeth a little, then glue the nails on. You can also make spikes using this method!

I.Fairy Super Crystal Review ✩

Hello there, here comes the second review of the week! I.Fairy Super Crystal ☆

These lenses are of the same brand as I stated in my last review, even though I was planning on getting purple ones I ended up with blue ones because I'm a sucker for blue lenses _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):



Comfort: ★★★★★
These lenses are very comfortable to wear despite them being so large. My eyes tend to get dry while wearing larger lenses, but there were no problems with these. 
Color: ★★★★☆
The color of these lenses are so cool. I love blue lenses and sadly they don't blend well with my eyes ;; I think these would look amazing on someone with light eyes.
Enlargement: ★★★★★
These lenses are 16 mm in diameter, so they are definitely large. Due to how comfy they are I recommend these if you're going to wear lenses for a long time for a convention or the like. 

These lenses surprised me due to the enlargement and bold color, but I'm very happy with them! For more photos of these, go to my Instagram c: 

I.Fairy Kitty Tears Lens Review ✩

Hello~ I recently ordered two pair of lenses from, so this is the first review out of two! (´・ω・)

This pair is of the brand I.Fairy and is called Kitty Tears. They come in blue, violet and brown. I picked the brown pair since I needed new brown lenses.

Comfort: ★★★★★
These lenses are extremely comfy and I felt no irritation in my eyes while wearing them.
Color: ★★★☆☆
Despite the fact that these are brown, the color is very subtle and the lenses are mostly black. I think they would suit someone with dark eyes better.
Enlargement: ★★★★★
The Kitty Tears series is supposed to enlarge the eyes quite a bit, and they indeed do. These are very cute lolita-type lenses, making your eyes look big and doll-like.

Over all these are very nice, but perhaps not the most subtle lenses there is. I would recommend these to people who want doll-like eyes, for example lolitas. For more pictures, check out my Instagram or my "Romantique" post! c: 

Upcoming cosplays

Note; this list may be updated from time to time! 

Christophe Giacometti - Yuri!!! On Ice

We all knew this was coming - you knew it, I knew it, your uncle probably knew it too
When I started watching Yuri on Ice I was joking with Luka about how Yuri Plisetsky was basically his anime counterpart in both looks and personality. And coincidentally, Chris is basically my anime counterpart - similar apperance, hair, eyes (end even glasses?!). I just love him a lot, okay. 

 Zhiyu Moke - VOCALOID China

Hey look, the only shota-- //slapped 

Shut - Go! Princess Pretty Cure
I only started watching GPC ironically, I swear. Only for this guy to appear and making me question my life choices. But after some coaxing from my friend Lau, a fellow soul stuck in PreCure hell, I decided "eh, why the hell not?". If nothing else, I can use the outfit for Ciel right-- 

Chrono - Yumeoukoku to Nemureru 100 no Ouji-sama 

This one I've been planning for such a long time, but in a game where there are over 100 handsome boys to choose from, it's a bit of a pain. At last I picked Chrono, the cute bunny boy Prince of Wondermere. This one will probably take the most time to complete due to so many small details and ugh. Just gotta do it, for the bunny boy...

Planned Conventions for 2017

Hey guys, enjoying the new year yet? I've had quite a good start myself ^^
I'm currently trying out a diet, it's going well so far... Recently the con season started with NC Winter - which I couldn't attend( ;  ; )
But, I do plan on attending NC this summer, and maybe even StorCon, it depends on my medical schedule. Hope to see you there!

I'll soon release a list of my planned cosplays for this year, so keep an eye out for updates!! 

Tjenare på er, njuter ni av sportlovet? Jag tar det mest lugnt, håller på att testa en ny diet, haha..
Förra helgen gick NärCon Vinter av stapeln - tyvärr kunde jag inte gå på det... ;;
Jag har planerat att gå på NärCon nu i sommar, och beroende på hur mitt läkarschema ser ut kanske jag besöker StorCon också? Vi får se!

Snart kommer även en lista över cosplays jag planerat för i år, så håll koll på uppdateringar! ( ~3~) ♪